My Favorite Piano Songs

05/12/2014 2:52 pm

piano songThis past weekend, I was thinking about what some of my favorite piano songs were. I wasn’t necessarily looking for songs that were piano solos but more for songs that featured the piano in the foreground and not just as a harmonic add-on to fluff up the track. I soon realized that the list was going to be way too big. I quickly discounted classical piano only because I feel that it deserves a post unto itself. I wanted more to focus on songs that we would typically hear on the radio that shined a light on our favorite instrument.

I also thought this would make for a great series of posts where we would share our favorite piano pieces across many genres: classical piano, salsa piano, blues piano, etc. So with that our of the way and our mission statement clear, what are some of the best piano songs our there? Some songs quickly came to mind while others took me a little longer to process.

My Piano List

1. Among the first that came to mind was Piano Man by Billy Joel. As if the title itself didn’t give it away, this is a classic song that not only features the song in the title, but also the storyline and track itself. Billy Joel is a great songwriter and an amazing piano player. He is currently rocking out every Thursday at Madison Square Garden so he has got plenty of piano chops and piano licks left in him.

2. Another piano song that comes to mind is Clocks by Coldplay. The piano riff in the intro is possibly among the most recognizable piano riffs and makes for a great sound once the band comes in. I am a big fan of this band and there us of acoustic piano and lush strong pads. There is a dream quality to their music that has always appealed to me.

3. Definitely making the list is the Fray and although I like too many songs to choose just one, I will mention Never Say Never as one of all time favorites. The piano intro is haunting and a wonderful riff to play and sing along too. If you have never played any Fray songs on the piano, I urge you to get one and learn it, you won’t be disappointed.

What piano song would you put on this list?
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  • Meredith Willis

    The Fray, Cold Play, Alicia Keys, Sade, and Adele. 🙂