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A Special Day of Music and Art

As many of you know, among the many joys in my life, being a Music Therapist for special needs children is at the top of my list. I am privileged to work at the Guild for Exceptional Children in Brooklyn, NY and today was a very special day indeed. Today is the annual art show hosted by our art teacher, James Bonavita. With the support of the entire school, he did an amazing job of sharing the creative skills and artwork of all the children at our school.

The theme of this years show is “On the Farm” and each class made some amazing artwork that was displayed for the parents and teachers to enjoy. It was complete with cows, horses, sheep, chickens and just about every farm animal you can think of. Seeing the smile on each child’s face as they shared their work with their parents was priceless.

Kids Make the Music Come Alive

We also had a singalong that was a blast. We sang Old MacDonald Had a Farm and the Shape Song which is one of the children’s favorites. Sharing music and art with children is so important to their development and we are grateful that we serve an organization that takes that same viewpoint. When you inspire a child’s mind with creativity through art and music, children are better able to express themselves in away that perhaps they would not otherwise. We have seen some incredible progress in so many of these children and we are fortunate to be a part of their educational and life experience.

Check Out the Children’s Artwork!

Below are some pics of their artwork and also some of the kids showing off their beautiful work. We are so proud of them!

Art Show The Guild for Exceptional Children
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Art Show - Cat
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