Is Learning Piano on Your New Year’s Resolutions List?

online piano lessonsHere we are once again at the cusp of beginning a whole new year. With the start of any new year comes the inevitable promises, lists and promises we make ourselves about what we are going to do differently and better in the coming months. My question to you is, “what is on your list this year?” and perhaps even more importantly, “how are you going to make sure to stay on target in completing those goals?”

That is a lot easier said than done but there are things that we can do to make sure that we stay on target in accomplishing all we set out to do in 2018. Maybe getting healthy is on your list, or perhaps reading more or learning an instrument. While I can’t claim to help you make it out to the gym or pick up a new book, I can help you out with the last item on that list…learning how to play the piano. I know that for many people learning to play the piano is a dream and goal they have had for years, maybe even decades. The good news that I want to share is that this coming year can easily be the year you finally not only learn how to play the piano but also have a great time doing so.

When I first started playing I was already in high school and thought that surely it was too late for someone to start. Boy was I wrong! I am glad I had teachers around me to encourage me and remind me that music is not something that is age specific and that anyone, at any age can learn how to play the piano, the guitar or even the tuba 😉 If you are interested in the tuba, I can recommend a great tuba teacher but in the meantime, if piano is your thing, stay with me. Music, contrary to what many may believe is a language like any other and it can be learned if worked on consistently and with a certain amount of desire.

Music is the great language that unites all cultures and countries. It is universal and is spoken by millions of people all over the world. The great things about the language of music is that once you can speak and play it, you can “converse” with any musician anywhere. Isn’t that awesome? As you write your list for 2018, remind yourself that learning to play the piano is something that you can easily accomplish this year and is well within your grasp. Our courses will take you one step at a time through what you need to know to and build upon each lesson to make you a well rounded musician. Think of it as Rosetta Stone for piano playing. I created online piano lessons because I knew that not everyone had the time or access to receive in-person piano lessons every week. This way, you can finish a lesson when you are ready and not a moment sooner. Learn different styles like Classical, Pop, Blues and even Salsa Piano to add variety and spice to your playing.

The bottom line is that 2018 can be your year to finally learn to play the piano and all you need is a love of music and a few minutes a day to dedicate to learning. That’s it. Researchers say that 90% of people abandon their New Years resolutions by the 5th week of the year. I am here to tell you that learning the piano doesn’t have to be on that list but on the 10% of successful people’s list. On top of that, I promise that this will be one of the most enjoyable items on your list to accomplish because it will be a talent that you will carry with you for the rest of your life.

Happy Playing and Happy New Year!

~Adrian Edward

Have any questions about how to get started learning the piano? Reach out to us here anytime.