Homeschool Music Curriculum at ENOCH of NJ

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Homeschool Music Curriculum

The Music Workshop has been having a great time at this week’s Enoch of New Jersey Homeschool Conference. We want to thank everyone for making it such a successful and enjoyable time. Even the breakfast has been delicious! We have been meeting such wonderful people as well as getting to know some incredible businesses that really offer some amazing resources for homeschool curriculum. When we first designed our 1-year piano DVD course, we had no idea that it would be met with such a great reception. It has been a labor of love for us and a true privilege to help families bring music into their homes.

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The Joy of Playing the Piano

pancakesIt is not always easy to offer piano lessons to everyone in the family. For one thing, the cost of lessons adds up quickly and many times, one doesn’t know where to begin. Our goal was to offer a complete homeschool music curriculum so that any family can learn together and have a system that will be with the family for years to come. We were also aware that along with the piano DVD’s, we are also living in a time where laptops and tablets are increasingly common in every household which is why access for online piano lessons was also important.

If you are a family that wants to bring music and piano lessons into your homeschool curriculum, you must treat it like any other subject and make sure that you encourage practice and small performances to help each child become more comfortable playing in front of others. They will carry around the gift of playing the piano for the rest of their lives and that is a wonderful thing.

It has been awesome to see that we can fill a need and bring an easy solution to families with their homeschool curriculum. Everyone has been so sweet and we thank you again for helping us have a great time here.

~Adrian Edward

Homeschool Music Curriculum at ENOCH of NJ
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