Happy 4th of July!

The festive mood is palpable and whether it’s barbecues that are being prepared or towels being laid down to soak in some rays, this is definitely a happy day for many.

I think it only appropriate to separate a few moments and share my overwhelming pride in being a part of such a great nation that has given me and my family so much, spanning 3 generations so far. I was born in Buenos Aires 36 years ago and my grandfather upon his first visit to New York immediately fell in love with this country and rewrote our family history.

I stand today a very proud citizen of what I believe to be an incredible country that provides not only monetary gains in return for a hard days work, but also something much more important: The ability to dream and reach for heights one never thought possible. It is because of the liberties and privilege of this country that I can live out my faith in peace, work an honest days work, aim for higher and higher goals and feel protected by those willing to risk their lives on the front lines.

A happy day? Yes. But it’s also a day of reflection and gratitude for the joy that is being a part of this great nation. Every nation, like every household has it’s faults and shortcomings, and while no nation is perfect, I will continue to do my small part to contribute to what makes this nation great and stand by it, even in difficult times.

God bless and enjoy this day immensely