Easy Piano Origami

origami piano

Piano Origami

Ready to fold your own piano? I thought this was so cool when I saw it. A small origami piano that’s easy to do. Jenny W Chan does an awesome job of teaching us this cool bit a of paper magic in this tutorial. Please visit and subscribe to her great YouTube channel here at Jenny W Chan. A big thank you to Jenny for allowing us to share her tutorial with all of you!

I always love to look around for cool things that revolve around the piano. I had seen an amazing documentary about origami called Between the Folds. If you have a chance, I definitely encourage you to check it out. There is something so wonderful that unites all of us creative types together and it doesn’t matter whether it’s playing the piano, filming a moving or creating origami, the links are all the same: The need to create and express ourselves in our chosen medium.

Have fun and post a picture of your origami piano once it’s finished. It’s a great exercise in patience and will definitely test your precision. Read on to get instructions on making a tiny, origami piano.