Do you live passionately?

I’ve always loved this question because no one wants to think they live without passion yet it is one of those questions in life that is worth answering honestly within yourself.

Last year I was in a particular funk and my motivation to do anything was out the door. It’s in those moments that I realize that the only way to live is intensely and with purpose. The wonderfully great and frightful reality about time is that regardless of the choices we make, it keeps ticking without our permission. I heard a great analogy once that spoke about the decision to board a train that was arriving at 12:00 PM. Even if you think you’re not making a decision, by 12:01 PM, when the train is pulling out of the station, you will have made your decision, whether it was passive or purposeful.

Don’t let your train make the decisions for you. Are you getting on?

have a passion-filled weekend my friends making great music and getting on that train of life!