Courage is Acting in Spite of Fear…

06/10/2012 8:11 am

There is false notion that the courageous person feels no fear. I personally love stories of overcoming impossible odds, the underdog coming out on top and the human spirit choosing to persevere when all is stacked against it. There is something, I feel, that we all identify with because deep down, there is something we all struggle with.

Fear, much like storms are something that will never be eliminated but like the engineer who creates a building to withstand that storm, we too, can get stronger and act in courage to face our fears. The storms do not change, we do, and that is a wonderful thing. Imagine if we had to learn the power of eradicating troubles from this world. That is too tall of an order. Training ourselves to face those troubles and overcoming them, now that is a worthy and possible venture.

Don’t look at fear and say I can’t. Look at fear and walk right into it…there are great things on the other side.


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