Buying a Piano – the First Question

The First Question When Buying a Piano

Before you make a big decision like buying a piano and even before we discuss things like different brands, prices, technical questions and so on, we are going to ask ourselves an even more basic first question, one which many people may not stop to genuinely think about.


Now that may sound strange or even a bit simplistic but when you pause to consider this you will see not only how important a question it truly is, but actually how it can save you from making a costly mistake in the end.. And really every other component of your piano buying decision is influenced, or should be influenced, by the answer to this question.

Who is the piano for? Is it for yourself, your spouse, your child (or children)? The “why” of the purchase will depend on not only the recipient of the instrument but the motivation for buying it.

If you are buying a piano for your kids is it because you have decided as a parent that playing the piano is something that would enrich the lives of your children? Or is it because they have been bugging you for the past six months to buy a piano and they are promising that they will practice every day?

Think about how the difference in scenarios above might affect not only what piano you buy but when you buy it or whether or not you buy one at all. That’s just one example. If you spend a little time considering why you want to buy a piano, within the parameters of your own particular situation, your experience should be more successful and enjoyable.

Once you have a good idea of why you are thinking about buying a piano, you can then start looking at other considerations such as the importance of budget, appearance, performance and other factors. But first a continuation of the Why Buy a Piano question, which is Who is it For?

Different Options

If the piano is merely for a “trial” period to see if your kids would like it or even if it’s for yourself and you’re not quite sure if piano is your ‘thing’, then a better first purchase is a keyboard that not only will be less expensive but also take up a lot less room in your house.

Keyboards have come a long way and may are so good that you could not tell the difference between an acoustic piano and a great quality keyboard like a Korg or Yamaha.

Easy to Maintain

Another thing to consider is that acoustic pianos need much more maintenance than their keyboard counterparts. Things like tuning, general repairs and upkeep are typical of an acoustic piano. This is in no way to dissuade you from purchasing a great piano but it’s best to know what’s involved in maintaining something before buying it.