Benefits of Online Piano Lessons – Everyone Gets to Play


When Donna LaRosa, a math teacher in Sacramento, CA, was going over her bucket list, learning to play the piano was towards the top. But due to a full-time job, family responsibilities and other time constraints, the chances of having weekly lessons, let alone practicing, seemed like playing the piano would not soon be crossed off that list.

Now she is taking online piano lessons with our courses and fulfilling a life-long dream. In the past, it would have been nearly impossible to squeeze in time to travel to a music teacher every week, but since travel is no longer a problem — Donna can take lessons during times that fit in with her schedule perfectly, without disrupting the day.

Sometimes, she even squeezes in a few lessons early in the morning before the house is bustling with kids, breakfast and business. In order to now wake anyone, she simply pops in her headphones to her keyboard and no one even knows she’s playing. “I like to sneak in a lesson here and there before the kids get up. It’s the quietest moment of the day and it doesn’t happen very often!” Mrs. LaRosa said.

The internet has without a doubt transformed the way we live our lives. Online learning is no exception to that change. In a day where distance learning and earning degrees is being done more frequently online, it only makes sense that learning something like the piano also be available to everyone.

Fits into any budget

There comes a time in every family where talk of learning to play the piano starts. Weekly piano lessons can put a strain on any family budget. Another benefit of online piano lessons is that you can introduce piano to you and your family without adding another burden on your budget.

“When we discovered, it was a convenient way to see if our kids would like playing the piano without investing weekly in private piano lessons”, said Michael Sosa. As much as we would like to believe that piano is for everyone, there are times when all we want it to take something for a test run. Learning piano online allows you the freedom to learn at your own pace without breaking the bank while still receiving a top quality piano education.

What is on your bucket list? Is playing the piano or any instrument for the matter on the list? The good news is that you don’t have to wait for the perfect time anymore. Start learning on your own time and within your own schedule.

Happy playing!

Benefits of Online Piano Lessons - Everyone Gets to Play
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Benefits of Online Piano Lessons - Everyone Gets to Play
Exploring the benefits of online piano lessons and how it fits into any schedule and budget.