And the weekend has arrived…

12/16/2011 9:32 am

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First of all, good Friday morning. It’s a breezy and chilly December morning here in NYC and I for one, am enjoying the privilege and blessing of having a warm home from which to watch the city go by. We often take for granted all the luxuries we deem as ‘normal’ like having shelter while so many go without.

This isn’t a post to make anyone feel bad. Quite the contrary. It’s a reminder to start your days with those things of abundance in your thoughts. Perspective is everything and always will be. To think that not even the kings and queens of history had even a small fraction of what you enjoy on a daily basis is worthy of celebration.

So on this very chilly morning I wish you the start of a beautiful weekend, the continuation of dwelling on that which empowers you to move forward and not hold on to the past.

much who wants some coffee? love

P.S. Below is a little music to start your day…