Am I Too Old to Learn How to Play the Piano?


Learning at Any Age

Anyone that knows me personally, knows that it actually saddens me that this question is even asked as much as it is. A little background to my thoughts on this subject. I grew up in a home where learning was always encouraged. Whether it was pulling something apart to see how it worked to learning how to paint by watercolors, the concept of “being too old” to learn anything never existed in our house. I actually started learning the piano as a teenager after trying my hand at painting. My dad and grandfather were the painters and as much as I tried, I had to come to grips that not only was I not a natural at it, I didn’t find myself enjoying it either. Enter an elective piano class in high school. The rest is history.

I immediately fell in love with not only the piano, but also the world of music as a whole. I thoroughly enjoyed the written language of music notation and became obsessed with learning how to read, write and play music as best as I could. Within a couple of years after that first beginners piano course, I was auditioning for the piano program at Hunter College where I ended up getting my degree in piano performance four years later. If I had any part of me that listened to critics that say that you absolutely have to start playing piano as a kid, I would have been too discouraged to even try and I would not have enjoyed a lifetime of music that I have been so privileged to do.

How Old is Too Old?

You can take advice from just about anyone, but I am here to tell you that whether you are 17 or 71, it doesn’t matter when it comes to learning how to play the piano. The piano is a wonderfully rewarding and friendly instrument to learn. There is no age limit to starting! If you have always wanted to play, then have the courage to start learning, it will be a decision you will never regret. Read here for the benefits of online piano lessons.And if you have any naysayers in your life that will try to shoot you down, you can give them any of these following examples of people who did what was in their heart, regardless of age. There is no age limit if you have enthusiasm to embark on a new journey or learn a new skill like learning the piano.

  • Laura Ingalls Wilder’s best-selling series of books began with “Little House in the Big Woods,” later made into “Little House on the Prairie. Wilder didn’t publish her first book until she was 64.
  • Harrison Ford was a carpenter till his 30s
  • Arianna Huffington started Huffington Post at the age of 54
  • Louise Bourgeois reached her greatest artistic success in her seventies and eighties.


Don’t Get Stuck on a Number

My overall message to this whole post is that I don’t want anyone to get stuck on a number. certainly not when that number reflects our age. Whataver reason we have for not doing something, there is someone out there that has overcome that same thing. Perhaps you didn’t learn the piano as a kid but who knows, maybe if your parents forced lessons on you, then today you would hate the piano. We never know. But we do have control over what we choose today. So if learning how to water ski, learning how to bake or learning how to play the piano is on your life’s to-do list, then get going already. Each day is precious and forget what “they” say. We always hear about this mysterious “they” that we never meet and frankly are always negative on just about every area of our lives. Stop listening and start doing today.

Happy Playing!
~Adrian Edward

1 thought on “Am I Too Old to Learn How to Play the Piano?

  1. Meredith Willis

    I admit it, I am not a natural when it comes to reading music but I do have some natural qualities towards playing the piano. I am passionate about understanding the dynamics of playing. I am learning to tolerate my joyful noise. Lol I started learning here a couple years ago and I am not ready for college. At the same time I am amazed at how much I have learned.
    Learning to play the piano in my forties has been a true blessing. I am learning to go one step at a time. I am learning to be more patient with myself. The process of learning a new art during this phase in my life has helped me to focus on my strengths. Also be more gentle with my limitations. It is all a process.
    Drawing came easier for me in some areas but in other areas, I struggle. I enjoy learning. Learn always.

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