A little Chopin for the night…

12/10/2011 11:22 pm , ,

What can I say? I am a sucker for Chopin. Especially on a winter night. Hope it has been a great weekend for all. The mood is quiet and the air is as crisp as can be. The blessing of a full meal is on my mind and the excitement of living fully, deliberately and intently.

As the notes ring into the room I remember a time when life was simpler. Perhaps the world was as hectic and loco as always, but my life was a bit simpler. Worries could be counted on one hand and the thought of the future was only to imagine what good could come of it. And so I sit here with perhaps a bit more on my mind than the days of yesteryear but that simplicity is making it’s way through each and every of those wondrous notes.

Music has a way of calming even the most tempestuous of days and it’s as I listen to this beautiful melody of Chopin that I am reminded of why I play music in the first place. I wish you all a wondrous night with glimpses of what was that made you wonder in awe of life when you were a child.

Good melodic night