20 Minutes a day or 2 hours once a week?

06/27/2012 11:49 pm

When it comes to practicing, there are many different philosophies regarding what to practice and how often.

I personally feel that variety is one of the most important keys to effective practice. Mixing it up and making sure to get a little bit of everything ensures a well rounded musical education. Once you have a varied practice routine, the big question is ‘how long do I need to practice?”

This is usually limited to how much time you have available but I am a firm believer and slow and steady. Better to practice 20 minutes a day, every day rather than 2 hours on a random day here and there. Music, like exercising your physical body a gym for instance, yields better results when done on a daily basis.

You would be amazed at how much progress can get done in only 20 minutes if you do it every day.

If you’re not sure what to practice, click here for a piano practice schedule and click here for guitar workouts.

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  • Meredith Willis

    ‘How long do I need to practice?”

    I enjoy practice time 10-20 min. a day or every other day… when I am viewing new music. Sometimes I use the video’s and other times, I try to memorize the material and go by memory.

    The Once a week or so practice run goes a bit different for me, I like to go back to the beginning and run through each step and view all videos. I am on level two learning.

    I really like the practice five time rule, yet I struggle with it. Not sure why but I will figure that out… Mental disapline and the next step… it’s here.

    Thank you, Age for the post!