What piano or keyboard do you play?

Korg SP-250Over the years, I have enjoyed playing on many pianos and keyboards. When I was in college I used to go to the Steinway showroom on 57th St. and sit there for hours playing every amazing grand they had. They were so cool about it and even though they obviously knew a college kid was never going to buy one, they would never rush you out or anything.

My folks bought me a Baldwin upright that I played throughout high school and college and that is the piano that I learned on. When I started performing I bought an 88-key Kurzweil keyboard that I still have to this day. In fact, I am looking at it resting up against the wall as I write this. Recently I purchased the Korg Sp-250 and it is a beautifully made keyboard. Korg really excels in their piano sounds and authenticity to detail. I have gotten the technique bug lately so I am really putting this thing to the test and also use with many of my students. I love it and am very happy with the purchase.

What keyboard or piano do you play on? Share a pic of it on our facebook page, would love to see it.
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have a wonderful night and play on!

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