Suggest the Next “Tip of the Week”

01/16/2014 8:24 pm

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Filling in the gaps

No matter how much we practice, as musicians and piano players, we are forever learning. That is why it is important to keep learning new techniques and skills. It will make us not only players but better musicians all around and the type of musician that others will enjoy playing with. When I was getting my degree in college I was very big into classical and sight reading but only got into jazz and improvisation in my senior year. It was a very humbling experience to realize that I was terrible at it! I knew I wanted to get better at it and I also accepted that it was a skill I did not yet have. The great thing about music and life is that if we approach any task with persistence, patience and practice, we can achieve just about anything.

What would you like to learn?

In my weekly episodes, I try to offer something that perhaps was not covered in our lessons or just something flat out fun that you can learn in an afternoon. So I ask you today, “what would you like to learn?” Perhaps it’s a certain lesson that’s giving you trouble or something completely new. Whatever the case, let me know and I will try to incorporate it into a weekly ‘tip of the week.’

Remember that music and playing the piano should be adding another dimension to your life. it is a language that you will carry around for the rest of your life and the more fluently you can speak it, the more rewarding it will be.

Happy Playing!