Salsa Piano Course is finally here!


It’s been a long three months but the hard work has certainly paid off and we are happy to announce that the New 15-Day Salsa Piano Course is ready for a test drive by you. Every since I learned my first salsa montuno on the piano in my college days, I knew I was hooked. It is such a fun style to play and one that I recommend to every piano player.

Salsa has a rich history with deep Afro-Cuban roots and a style that will not disappoint. If you have ever seen a live salsa band, you know just how much fun they are having. Legends like Tito Puente may come to mind but when it comes to salsa piano, we have to turn our attention to greats such as Eddie Palmieri, Frank Emilio and Michel Camilo. Listen to any of these players and you will hear immediately what makes this music so infectious.

We will cover each concept from the ground up. The piano plays a key role within the salsa band so we make sure to cover the entire rhythmic structure as well. That includes:

  • The clave
  • Congas
  • Timbales
  • Cowbell

Another key instrument is the bass and we’ll even go over how you can cover the bass line should you playing solo and need to step up to the challenge.

Below is a sample of one of the lessons from the course. Enjoy it and looking forward to seeing you for your first lesson.