Left Hand Blues Pattern in C

Playing blues piano is unbelievably fun and one of my favorite aspects of it is the patterns that we, as piano players, get to play with our left hand. Don’t get me wrong, soloing is great too, but it is really exciting to be the driving force behind the harmony and rhythm with our left hand patterns.

There are countless variations when it comes to what we can do with our left hand patterns but today we will look at a simple walking pattern that outlines the chords and keeps it moving. Always practice with a drum machine or metronome to keep time and get int he groove. Nothing is worse than a sloppy groove.

After you feel comfortable with the left hand, you can bring in the right hand for some soloing or chord comping. In this C Blues, you can solo using the “A” Blues scale or you can also use the “C” Blues scale as well.


C Blues Piano

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