Is music a language?

03/03/2013 1:28 pm

107690898Is music a language?

I think everyone’s initial answer to this is a resounding yes. However, it is not easy to define why music is considered a language. It certainly isn’t taught as a foreign language in school, yet I would be hard pressed to find someone that wouldn’t agree that music speaks what we sometimes can’t express in words.

We do however hear constantly that where words fail, music can speak to us. But the million dollar question is how does it do that? Why is it that if we merely speak words, we may find ourselves unable to express our true feelings, yet so many individuals use music and other art forms to communicate to the world what they have inside? Even I find myself on many occasions struggling to convey an idea or point and turn to music as my preferred method to share those thoughts. I have to admit that I have never paused long enough to find out exactly why I chose music or even why music is such a useful tool for communicating but it came naturally and I have never looked back.

The great thing about music is that there are two aspects to this language. One is the transcendent quality of expressing emotions through tones and harmonies but also the practical side to this language that we must learn to speak before we could use it for expression. Music, like any other foreign language has it’s own set of rules that, when used correctly, can produce amazing sounds. There is also a great place for breaking those rules which can also be used to create some amazing things. Much like someone breaking the rules of grammar and syntax can use that to produce some interesting poetry. Truth be told, music and art become even more enjoyable when we break these “rules” and venture out into the unknown. It is also amazing to see the sheer endless possibilities of music and can easily be seen in the millions of musicians, songs and works that we have the privilege of hearing at any moment. There may only be 12 notes(western music) but the combinations are endless as are the messages that can be conveyed.

How do you personally use music as a language to express yourself? If you haven’t begun learning the language of music, I urge you to begin. It is a wonderful journey that will give you an appreciation for music far beyond what you may hear now.

Play on.

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