Is it too late for me to learn to play the piano?

Woman-playing-piano-300x241Is it too late for me?

This is a question I get asked a lot. Before I get into the reason for my answer, let me just simply answer the question by saying, “It’s never too late!!!” I totally mean that and not just because I have seen so many do it in my private practice but also because I have always been of the opinion that we can do anything with passion at any age and gain the skills we desire. Whether it’s music, education, fitness and health, financial literacy or traveling the world, passion knows no age and there are countless examples of people who conquered amazing mountains at any age.

One such example is of Ernestine Shepherd, who is one of the oldest bodybuilders in the world. her story is beyond inspiring and I highly recommend checking her out in case you worry that you may be too late for anything you want in your heart. Here is Ernestine’s facebook page.

Music is not limited to any age and is something that brings so much joy to our lives. Playing the piano adds another dimension to our enjoyment of music by allowing us to share in the creative process. If you have ever dreamed of playing, I encourage you to let me teach you through this website as I have lovingly put together a simple course that will bring the joy of piano to your life.

here’s to happy music making

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