Episode #6 How to Play “Clocks” by Coldplay




Play along with the recording

In this week’s Tip of the Week, we are learning to play the three beginning piano riffs from Clocks by Coldplay. I’ve transcribed the song in it’s original key so you can play it with the recording. That will make it a lot more fun to learn because you can then cue up the song and play along.

We will be learning the 3 parts from the beginning of the song:

  1. Piano intro with melody in the right hand and chords in the left hand.
  2. The band comes in and we will be playing the ‘bass line’ with our left hand.
  3. The verse begins and we continue playing the ‘bass line’ in the left hand and play solid chord in the right hand.

If you want to tackle the entire song, I’ve also included below a link to a chord chart so you can play and sing it. Have fun and enjoy playing this awesome song. Always practice reading notes because it gets easier with time.

Click here for Chord Chart for Clocks

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