Blues Piano Course is Finally Here!


Blues Course is Finally here!

On Friday we are officially launching our new Blues Course just in time for the Holidays. It has been an absolute blast working on this course. The blues is such a great style to play on the piano and we have no doubt you will have an amazing time learning to play it.

The blues is one of those styles that sounds full and rich at the piano and yet is surprisingly friendly to learn how to play. You will be playing licks in the right hand and solid left hand grooves in no time. Each stage of this course is meant to build on each other.

Phase 1 – Blues Basics

  • History of the the Blues
  • Swinging 8th notes
  • Scales & modes
  • Building chords

Phase 2 – Blues Form

  • 12-Bar Blues
  • Grooving left hand patterns
  • Boogie-Woogie
  • Sliding & Crushing notes

Phase 3 – Right Hand Technique & Soloing

  • Right hand patterns
  • Crossover licks
  • Boogie-Woogie patterns
  • Soloing and rockin’ out