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All of our piano lessons are delivered in perfect HD resolution and served from the best video platform available. Whether you learn to play on your tablet, desktop or your 60" LCD TV, you'll get great quality every time.

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The benefits of learning with online piano lessons.

Our site provides complete piano lessons and courses including our 30 day program so you don't have to guess what comes next. Each piano lesson filmed in HD and offers worksheets, close-ups and step by step instructions to make sure learning is easy and effective.

Our online piano lessons provide everything you need to get you playing quickly and effectively. If you are a beginner adult or parent who wants to teach his or her child to play piano, you will find our online piano lessons very helpful. Parents can also use our piano lessons as part of fun activities for their children. These lessons also help those who already know how to play piano as well.

Whether you are taking piano lessons in Sydney, New York or London, learning piano online is a great solution to busy schedules and hectic lifestyles. Learn how to play the piano at your own pace anytime and anywhere.

If you are an absolute beginner, have no fear, our lessons and courses will get you started the right way and teach you everything you need to know to play the music you want. You will learn all piano skills such as understanding the piano layout and reading music notation. After that, you will move on to learn piano chords, music theory, and piano technique.




Your style is easy and comfortable...

This is a fantastic website! I wouldn't change a thing. I like how the lessons are separated out and labeled so you can skip ahead if you're already familiar. It's very well laid out and easy to navigate. I like the video angles and the visuals. I love the repetition. I'm sure you know that people need to hear things a ...


This is great!

This is Great! You have gone into great detail and explanation of how to play the piano properly and successfully. This is great! So many beginners start out playing the piano incorrectly or they simply just don't have a good teacher or both. Good posture, finger placements and being able to read the notes and the music are all important for ...


I love my online piano lessons!

I look forward to my lessons every day I spent years taking piano lessons off and on and I never saw consistent progress because for one reason or another, I had to stop taking the lessons. With these online piano lessons, I can pick up right where I left off and if there was any concept I didn't fully understand, I ...


Piano is a great passion of mine.

Piano is a great passion of mine. I started taking some private lessons couple of years back, but due to some cicurmstance changes, I had to give it up, but then I discovered Adrian's Music workshop and I find it very easy to follow this site. Adrian is very clear and concise with his words. His tutorials are well explained, informative and ...


I am living proof that these piano lessons work

I have outgrown my Electric Keyboard and got myself a Baby Grand Piano…Yay me!!! I’m very excited to write this review because I absolutely love this website.  I usually don’t write reviews, however I do find them very useful when I am interested in purchasing something.  I am an adult who has always been inspired to learn to play the piano, ...